Articles in review

Basha, N.A.D., Scogings, P.F., Mafongoya, P. & Nsahlai, I.V. In review. Relationships between diet selection and physical, chemical and digestion attributes of woody species in sub-humid subtropical savannah. African Journal of range & Forage Science.

Articles in prep.

Hattas, D., Scogings, P.F. & Julkunen-Tiitto, R. In prep. Phenotypic expression of secondary metabolites in Combretum apiculatum along a nutrient gradient

Scogings, P.F., Hjältén, J.Engdahl, F. & Johansson, T. In prep. Impacts of relaxed browsing pressure on woody plant morphology and size class distribution in a semi-arid savanna.

Siebert, F., Swemmer, A., Scogings, P.F. & Kruger, J. In prep. Woody vegetation responses to large herbivore exclusion in a semi-arid savanna woodland dominated by Colophospermum mopane.


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