Articles in review

Basha, N.A.D., Scogings, P.F., Mafongoya, P. & Nsahlai, I.V. In review. Relationships between diet selection and physical, chemical and digestion attributes of woody species in sub-humid subtropical savannah. African Journal of range & Forage Science.

Articles in prep.

Hattas, D., Scogings, P.F. & Julkunen-Tiitto, R. In prep. Phenotypic expression of secondary metabolites in Combretum apiculatum along a nutrient gradient

Mkhize, N.R., Heitkӧnig, I.M.A., Scogings, P.F., Dziba, L.E., Prins, H.H.P., de Boer, W.F. In prep. Effects of tannins on body weight, faecal nitrogen and nutritionally related blood metabolites of free ranging goats in African savannas.

Mkhize, N.R., Heitkӧnig, I.M.A., Scogings, P.F., Hattas, D., Dziba, L.E., Prins, H.H.P., de Boer, W.F. In prep. Seasonal regulation of condensed tannin consumption by free-ranging goats in a semi-arid savanna.

Scogings, P.F., Hjältén, J.Engdahl, F. & Johansson, T. In prep. Impacts of relaxed browsing pressure on woody plant morphology and size class distribution in a semi-arid savanna.

Siebert, F., Swemmer, A., Scogings, P.F. & Kruger, J. In prep. Woody vegetation responses to large herbivore exclusion in a semi-arid savanna woodland dominated by Colophospermum mopane.

Van Coller, H., Siebert, F. & Scogings, P.F. In prep. Disentangling the herbaceous layer: palatable perennial grasses and forbs respond differently to herbivore exclusion in a semi-arid sodic savanna.


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