2016- Phenolic compounds in savanna ecosystems
2016- Effects of warming and browsing on invasive woody legumes
2011- Population dynamics of goats in communal systems
2010- Responses of marula to clipping and fertiliser
2009-2016: Performance of goats on diets varying in tannins
2007-2013: Impacts of herbivores on woody vegetation in Kruger Park
2006-2016 Foraging behaviour of goats in southern African savannas
2005-2015: Responses of trees to herbivory in Kruger National Park
2005-2007: Impacts of cattle on Acacia kosiensis in rehabilitating coastal forests
2004-2007: Livestock–forage relationships in communal Zululand Thornveld
2002-2004: Performance of goats fed Acacia karroo coppice shoots
2000-2005: Responses of Acacia karroo to browsing, water and grass cover
2000-2002: Diet selection of black rhino in Great Fish River Reserve
1998-2000: Impacts of goats on bush-clumps in the False Thornveld
1993-2000: Foraging behaviour of goats in the False Thornveld
1993-1997: Responses of trees to browsing in the False Thornveld
1986-1987: Habitat selection by ungulates in Bankenveld grasslands

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